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Pneumatic DTH Driller

Suitable for fast drilling of stones in quarry:
● Multiple fastening points for easy relocation of the machine, especially suitable for fast drilling works in a narrow space.
● Optimized double-hinge or universal ball joint between the headpiece and main frame make it possible for drilling vertical, horizontal or inclined holes.
● Unique slide guide and propulsion designs ensure fast feed and the straightness of drilled holes.
● Choice of power source to meet special working conditions in different quarry: pneumatic, pneumatic-electric or pneumatic-hydraulic.
● Hammers and drill bits of various specifications are available to meet the requirements for drilling stone of different hardness.
● Quick release of drilling rod.

Product model DTH90-P
Hole diameter (mm) Φ65~90
Drilling depth (m) Max.35
Feed rate (m/h) 6~8
Stroke (m) 1
Air consumption (m³/min) 12~14
Working air pressure (Mpa) 0.5~0.7
Rotary power source Pneumatic
Feed power source Pneumatic
Equipped drill rod (mm) Φ60*1000
Adjustable height of base (mm) 220
Total weight (kg) 430


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