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Portable Trimming Wire Saw DWS–18/22

Suitable for trimming of stone blocks:
● Portable and easy to move.
● Suitable for fast trimming of stone blocks.
● Double inverter control system ensures the best cutting efficiency of diamond wire.

Other functional options:
Optional laser alignment device for fast positioning of machine in relation to stone blocks.
Optional mid-rail guide wheel unit for extended rail length.
Product model DWS-18 DWS-22
Main motor power (kW) 18.5 (25HP) 22 (30HP)
Total power (kW) 19 (26HP) 23 (31HP)
Linear speed (m/s) 0~30 0~30
Machine dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 2200*830*860
Machine weight (kg) 410 420
Rail weight (kg/Sections) 36.5 36.5
Rail length (m) 2m+1.5m*2 2m+1.5m*2


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