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Diamond Wire For Granite Quarry

Diamond wire is widely used in stone quarrying. It greatly improves safety, speed of production and yield while reducing the waste of resources.

Rubber assembly is preferred in granite and quarzite quarries, it is more resistant to stress, heat and highly flexible which offer increased protection for the steel cable and longer life.

All wires are developed based on the characteristics of stone samples and information provided by customers for highest cutting efficiency.

Diameter (mm) Beads/m Assembly Hardness of stone Wire speed (m/s) Cutting speed  (m²/h) Production (m²/m)
37kW 55/75kW
38/40 Rubber
Soft 30-45 10-18 20-30 25-35
Medium 25-40 7-15 15-20 15-25
Hard / Quarzite 20-35 5-10 10-15 10-15 


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