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Good news! Ji Yong, general manager of Huada Tools Department, won the honorary title of "Luojiang Craftsman"
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The second batch of "Luojiang Craftsmen" recommended naming activities carried out by Luojiang District Federation of Trade Unions, Luojiang District Government and other departments was determined by preliminary review, online voting, review and comprehensive review. Comrade Ji Yong, general manager of our tool Department, was Awarded the honorary title of "Luojiang Craftsman".

On the morning of June 4th, Liao Xiaoling, Member of the Standing Committee of the Luojiang District Committee and Director of the Organization Department, Du Liqing, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Luojiang District Federation of Trade Unions, Lu Jinman, Vice Chairman of the Luojiang District Federation of Trade Unions, and Du Renyi, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wan'an Street, Chen Shuangyuan, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wan'an Sub-district, and other relevant department leaders visited Huada Co. to award the plaque and award the honorary certificate to Comrade Ji Yong who won the "Luojiang Craftsman".

In order to better play the exemplary leading role of "Luojiang Craftsman", Ji Yong, general manager of our tool business department, was successfully hired as the "Famous Teacher" of the first "Luojiang Craftsman", and held a "famous teacher with high apprentice" pairing contract with the employees of the company The ceremony further accelerates the company’s talent team building, improves the quality of the workforce, and achieves the goal of improving the overall quality of employees and cultivating highly skilled personnel.

The era calls for the return of ingenuity, and revitalization requires craftsmen to take the responsibility. Huada will vigorously promote the craftsman spirit of "innovation, dedication and excellence", and encourage employees to adhere to a meticulous attitude in the development and manufacturing of stone mining equipment and become a model in the casting industry. Adhering to the corporate spirit of "Let the world have no hard-to-open mines", we will write a new chapter for creating the world's leading stone mining equipment and leading the development of the world's stone mining development.
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